Hello Again!

My name is Cacie and I am a self-taught, traveling portrait and wedding photographer. My love for photography started back in 2012 when I traveled to Australia to visit my grandparents and persuaded my parents to let me bring their 'Fancy Camera'. If I have ever truly experienced love at first site I can easily claim photography as my No.1. 

Real People, Real Love, Real Relationships.  I am ALL FOR the real, authentic, totally in love, full of energy, just excited to be freakin’ journey-ing together on this absolutely insane planet, ready to invest + trust in someone who knows how to capture THAT… kind of people. I’m your girl. If you’re looking for discounted services, I would like to kindly suggest you search elsewhere. I am proud to invest in the couples who invest in me.

Browse through my galleries, and if ya like what cha see, click the CONTACT button so we can start planning your dream session!

Currently based in Ontario, Canada