Hello & Welcome To My New Site!

My first blog post on my new site, how exciting!! I seriously couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out. I want to give a special thank you the Go Live HQ for setting me up with an awesome new site. I ran into a few minor complications that were quickly solved through a few emails with the Go Live team! 

I also want to say a huge, wopping of a thank you to Shelby with Shelby Lea Photography, for not only providing me with amazing head shots, but allowing me to second shoot for her on a few weddings. She has allowed me to seriously improve my photography skills & knowledge as well as create new friends along the way! You will probably be seeing a lot of photos of us together on my Instagram in the future #sorrynotsorry ;)

I just want to be upfront & honest with you guys right now, this blog won't only serve as my photography blog, but it'll double, triple, quadruple as my lifestyle, here is what I am doing currently, and I don't have room on my Facebook so I am going to put it here Blog! 

Are you ready for the best year yet? Well... I am :)