What It's Like To Be a Photographer In College

Hey guys, welcome back to my wee little photographer's blog :)

Do you guys ever feel like no matter where you go or who you might meet, people always tend to ask you the same, similar questions? I sure do. It's not a totally bad thing, don't get me wrong!. it's actually quite good because now I have at LEAST 4 killer ice breakers when I meet new people!

Out of all the questions I typically get asked, there is one specifically, that has kept popping up more frequently than usual! Which is great because I think this question is something that I should totally have a killer answer for (but don't really, just yet, if I'm being honest...). I know, I know, I'm just blabbing.  WHAT IS THE QUESTION," you're all probably wondering... Well if you don't know how to read titles, the most commonly asked question I receive as a twenty year old is, "What is it like to be a photographer in college?" 

After being questioned so many times and not giving a strong response, I figured that meant it was time for me to plop my booty down and give myself a good talkin' to!  Well... here goes nothing!


If you have read any of my other blogs you might have noticed that I am really quite young for what I do (part time wedding, engagement, senior, couples, family photographer)), and as much as I would LOVE to change that little "part" to "full" right now it just isn't 100% attainable, and I am totally OKAY with that. It's taken me this far in my photography career to realize it but, I (unwillingly) have higher priorities than my photography business. I know! It sounds SO HARSH... but it's true. Sometimes I get really caught up in other super, duper, uper, amazing, young photographers and their 'perfect' lives as full time photographers and a lot of the time (like 99.999999%) I truly try to be exactly like them. THIS IS BAD. And I use the word "bad" loosely. I'm only saying "bad” (good GOLLY how many times can I say bad within one paragraph?) because for me this isn't reality. 

My reality is putting more than all of my focus into my school work. And when I'm not doing school I'm focused on my job. And when I'm not focused on those two tasks I'm doing stuff for my sorority. As much as I love, love, LOVE, what I do as a photographer, college and (unfortunately) finances come first (my sorority is my happy medium between photography and greek life because there are TONS of photography opportunities). 

You see, for those who don't know me... I am a 'yes' girl. And I can totally hear my mom in the back of my head saying, "AND YOU NEED TO QUIT THAT," (in the most loving, compassionate way), and if you don't know what a 'yes' girl is (also known as a 'yes man’ (exactly like the movie with Jim Carrey)) it's basically someone who can't or chooses not to say no to anything or anybody. I think that's my biggest weakness. I just get really excited about the idea of future excitement and say yes to every possibility... and thennnnn it bites me right in the keister!  ItI's not that I need to re-prioritize my priorities, it's that i've already done so and now I'm juggling school, work, photography, my sorority, and obtaining some sort of 'social life’ (ugh today's societal norms are killin' me). 

                                                    Karlie Johnson Photography

                                                    Karlie Johnson Photography

So... to answer the question, "what's it like being a photographer in college?" 

It's hard. Haha- but isn't that what life is all about? Trotting on your way until an obstacle (or thirty) gets thrown into your course and you're left with the option of quitting or figuring it out. That's where I am! It's challenging, but I absolutely love what I do and I am so very blessed with the world's greatest supporters, shout out to Mom & Dad - YOU DA REAL MVP'S. 

P.S. Thanks for making it this far down the blog post... Sorry it was a long one! My fingers need a nap now :) 

P.P.S... Enjoy this picture of myself the classic Crocs & socks look. It may lack style but at least my toesies were warm!