Bethany W. | Senior

Happy Easter ya'll! I seriously hope everybody's weekend has been filled with love, family, Jesus and some feel good music! 

Bethany's senior session could not have gone better! The only thing I'm upset about is how much time we had, because I could honestly shoot this beauty for hours! She was totally game for whatever! We ran into another group  of gals that were using the same location as us (Arg, it's always tough to get around) but Bethany was down to walk around and find some cool locations around the ASU campus! These are the type of sessions where I look at each image and just smile to myself :) I love my job! 

I love seeing how creative seniors get with their Caps! apparently this only took Bethany about 30 minutes... WHAT?! It's so dang cute!

Bethany apparently thought it was a tad difficult to kick some water ;) we had fun with it though and she couldn't stop laughing!!

See! She couldn't contain herself, and I loved it because she had me laughing, too :D

Congratulations, Bethany! P.S. I'll be borrowing your shoes! Hopefully you are a size 6.5!