Cassie & Landon

Holy September. 

You guys, I haven't blogged since JULY... I guess this would be an appropriate time to explain myself. So I'm officially starting week 5 of my junior year in college! I'm excited but also really scared! I'm a year closer to being shoved into a world where my mom is no longer my mom-ager, bills & taxes are more real than they are in college & I have to learn how to cook more than just rice & chicken! 

I'm still very active with my business & I thank the Lord every day for that, it's just that I'm not blogging a whole lot of it! I hate that the library comes before my editing, but hey that's just life & I've got to start somewhere right? 

MOVING ON... If you don't follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I Recently took a mini vacay-trip to Minnesota, visiting some friends & family. Whilst there I was contacted by a few families to take some holiday pictures! Obviously I couldn't say no! Four families & one couples session later, I'm finding myself at crunch time for delivering these galleries! They were so much fun & although I was a little disappointed Minnesota is taking it's sweet time to change seasons, I still felt at home & at ease with the crisp fall air around me.

Here are some of my favorites from Cassie & Landon's session!