Jiuditta Family

Happy Wednesday, you guys! last week I got to finish off the week with a family session, and when I say finish off the week I mean, finish my extremely hard COM 207 final (Good luck to incoming Communication Students; Take it with Professor Valianos!) & then end the sweaty evening perfectly with this hysterically, fabulous family. We decided to start at the Whitfill Nursery in Tempe, that neither of us had been to before (Poor location scouting on my part). As Renee said, "Well.. it looked pretty on Yelp," we all laughed as we looked at a very messy, uncoordinated landscape of plants in pots all over the place, some dead & some alive. This sounds like an absolutely terrible experience but in all reality, we all had high spirits knowing that we were all willing & able to make the most of our time! 

I loved how these turned out & I must say a huge thank you to the Jiuditta Family for having awesome attitudes given our circumstances, & for simply just being all-around great people! 

Future clients, if you decide to work with me (or any photographer) in the future, my best advice for you would be this: Make the most of your time, be happy, keep an open mind, be up for adventure, laugh at everything & be yourself. THAT'S what will make your session become more than just a session with a photographer. It'll create a friendship with someone new, & a better experience with you & your loved ones.

Thank you Jiuditta Family for teaching me something new about my career :)