Kendra S. | Senior

Oh my, oh my. I didn't actually think I would get emotional AT ALL, but folks...*Cue sad instrumental music* I just shed a tear. Just one, so I'm holding myself together pretty well. 

There are absolutely no words to describe how incredibly magnificent this specific human being is. If there is one thing in this world that is good, it is this girl right here. I met Kendra when I was going through my first year of recruitment as a PNM (Potential New Member). I had NO idea what being in a sorority, let alone greek life meant. I remember seeing girls crying coming out of houses and thinking, "What in the heck? What is there to possibly be that emotional about?" After being placed in my special home, Alpha Chi Omega, I now know why. It is solely based on encountering people like Kendra Swanson. 

Whole-heartedly, passionately, endearingly kind from the inside of the bottom of her toes, to the outside of the last strand on her head. Kendra has made me see friendship, life, love, and laughter in a way I wasn't even aware was possible. Oh no... 2nd tear down. 

I will cut this short because I know you don't want to hear me blabbing (& I'm not about to let a 3rd tear go), but honestly you guys, find yourself a Kendra. And Kendra, thank you! You will no doubt, go farther than you or anybody else can dream of. ILYSM, best friend.