Mommy & Me | Kimberly & Mason

Last weekend was absolutely, without a doubt, one of THEE hottest days to be shooting mid day, BUT I'm so glad I have clients like Kim & Mason to bear it with me and make the most of it! These two were a dream team! With Kim's beautiful long, blonde hair to mason's nearly perfect baby skin & sweet, sweet smile, these two have made me totally reconsider working with young ones! 

I usually don't have as much patience as I wish I had but after playing peek-a-boo a few times with Mason, getting that final smile was the most exciting feeling! I'm thinking Mommy & Me mini sessions coming up? Hopefully that's a yes from the crowd, because I could totally use the practice and I'm sure there are a lot of mommy's out there who need a new portrait hanging in their hallway;) 

Like, Hellllohhhhh, this dress!? Is perfect. I die. I don't even care that I sound like a classic sorority girl when I say that... I seriously die. 

I hope to have the loving relationship that Kimberly shares with Mason, as I one day will have one (Or a two) of my own!

Since Mason got a few solo's I decided to capture Miss Kimberly. She was simply stunning! 

We had some visitors who just perfectly ended our session :)