My First Disneyland Trip!

This past weekend I was able to take a trip with my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, to Disneyland! For most people this wouldn't be a huge deal but for me it meant everything! I have never been to Disney- anything, so this was my first Disney experience, and WOW was I completely blown away! 

We left ASU around 1 am, and I slept the whole way there! I woke up and we had about 45 minutes till the park opened, so obviously we all went to Starbucks (Are you really human if you don't start out your day with a coffee?). After that we fueled up on caffeine, which we would soon realize was TOTALLY necessary for the kind of day we were about to endeavor.  After oo-ing and aw-ing at just about everything, seeing Alice & the Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland + Mary Poppins, eating (More like paying for a meal that broke my bank account) at Pizza Port, & 14 hours of walking around in my first pair of Minny Mouse ears, I was sad to leave but excited to have the memories I created at the #happiestplaceonearth. 

I was telling my friends that I will forever be a Disneyland promoter because I was totally blown out of the water with the immaculate detail that is put into every single aspect of it! From the architecture to the characters to the food. I think I might be more grateful going into it as an almost 20-year-old, because those kids just have no idea how much work goes into an organization THIS big. It was everything and anything I dreamed of and more! I must say, Walt would have been proud!