Spring Break 2016 | San Carlos, Mexico!

This past week has been one for the books! Myself along with three of my friends (& Alpha Chi sisters) took a road trip to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico! Maya (Mentioned many times before in my blogs!) & cousin Makenna allowed for me and my little, Jill,  to stay in their grandparents condo that sits along the clear waters of San Carlos! I fell completely head over heels in love with San Carlos- After much anxiety & self-convincing- and all that this quant city entails! The vibrant city colors, the family-like atmosphere, the FOOD! Everything added up to be the perfect vacation (virgin) cocktail ;) 

My favorite part? Probably the bright colors that engulfed the city. Bright blue, pink, purple, yellow houses lined perfectly with stark white, bright violet flowers. It. Was. Heaven. I hope to be back in the future for more exploring! 

Here is a little recap of some of the best times I had in San Carlos!