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Portrait/Lifestyle Sessions

Starting at $200

Portrait & lifestyle sessions are two of my favorite type of sessions to photograph. How they differ? Portrait sessions can lean towards being a tad more pose-y take for instance, head shots, maybe an engagement session, or even senior session! Whereas lifestyle sessions can take place in your home, maybe you want to photograph your next pumpkin pie recipe for your blog, or have the coziest bed you want to snuggle up next to your loved one with... Both being so much fun lifestyle sessions can be a bit more intimate whereas portrait tend to be in more of a casual setting! I would love to chat a little bit more about what we could come up with & how we could be more creative with your session! Head over to the 'Contact' tab to ask me some questions!


Family/Children Sessions

Starting at $250

Family & children sessions can be a blast! I like to tackle these sessions by adapting to your family's favorite activities! Maybe you guys are totally obsessed with the park, or you guys LOVE playing inside together, orrrr you guys have the most fun baking cookings, reading books, visiting Target, whatever it may be I think it's the most fun capturing REAL life moments with your family doing the things you guys love the most to get that organic reaction! Let's starting planning, you know where to go:) 

Tolchinsky Family
Tolchinsky Family
Tolchinsky Family

Wedding Day Collections

Starting at $1500

Honestly, you guys... I could live in a wedding everyday for the rest of my life. No joke! There is so much love & happiness (I mean, along with a wee bit of stress) around not only the bride & groom but the guests along with family & loved ones as well! I've dedicated the last 4 years of my extra time (aside from school) perfecting my craft, learning how to make both the bride & groom comfortable, adapting to a full wedding day's worth of activities, & creating long-lasting relationships with my past CCP couples! Let's set up a time to meet & I can show you all my best work & answer any questions you could have regarding my process & the collections! 



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